Night Night

Monti loves to say Night Night though it sounds like Neye-neye.


She probably just gets breastfed (we call it the keeks) and that’s why she likes it.

She has an unbelievable temper and loves to throw fits. She loves to flop backwards into the floor or WHATEVER when she gets mad. She usually hits something on the way back which compounds her anger.


I have been stressed out over impending presentations on LDAP and Active Directory integration with Mac OS X. 


Monti’s Hair

Monti’s Hair looks copper to me. She has 8 teeth. She loves to throw a fit by putting her head against the ground like she is worshipping.She has such a SHORT fuse with her temper. I can’t help but laugh when she does it.


Weather – 70 degrees on this Monday morning. I just got off two conference calls. 


She hates to go to bed. We dance with her, rock her.. Just when you are laying her down…. Eyes flutter. boom she’s awake. Elsa is reading a book a week almost now, while she rocks her. Reading Michael Connely books and Daneil Silva these days. I am too reading a Daniel Silva book.