Monti says the word “six” like “since” or “because”.

I can’t eat that six i just ate one of those daddy.

Dahlia now points to things and can somewhat get her points across in this fashion.

Dahlia is a chocolate NUT. We have a santa candy dish on tv. . she always walks near it.. points up at it and goes


Monti and her seem to get along a bit better these days. We had Madeline over yesterday. Babysat her for a couple of hours. Monti would not stop talking “and this is my cat, and this is my dad. here is our christmas tree” Poor mad was sort of homesick. I guess she didn’t sleep well. Elsa thinks she’s a failure of a mom around her since she couldn’t make her loosen up.

Went downtown to see the “windows”. It was a bust. Dahlia was bad. We pretty much left right after we got there.

girls are getting bigger.

i’m stressed about my job.. have to do cold calling with bosses boss on thursday. one on one. should be a very interesting day.

not close to making our number.. really need some big deals to come in in next couple of week.s

elsa getting sick of day in day out routine with the girls.

we are all looking forward to two weeks in Chicago.

dahlia definitely has a temper


Bad Joe! haven’t done an entry in ages

Monti walked through Ohare in United terminal.. saw lights on walkway to Concourse C.. Said

“it’s so beautiful”…

Dahlia.. so jealous.. anytime anyone gave Elsa attention on latest trip home.. Dahlia would throw her arms in the air likea little gorilla and scream.. Did it with Monti.. Then elsa hugged Eliza (as a joke) and dahlia sure enough did it again).. Was hilarious I guess. I wasn’t there. I was working at the sales conference as my first shot at being a rep. new boss.. scary time. Hoping I can pull this off. got a few big deals in the pipe but it’s a sluggish start.

Dahlia is a hitter and kicker.. She is such a frustrated little girl. Sometimes monti is actually afraid of her we think… She gets so violent.. But monti is pretty mean to her.. ALWAYS taking away stuff that dahlia is playing with.. Toys, food, whatever.. drives D so TOTALLY CRAZY…

Monti wanted a wedding cake.. That’s what she picked out at the bakery.. That’s what she wanted for a ‘treat’

Dahlia loves the cats… lumpy not too fond of her.

Ebony died yesterday… Sad day @ the kahsens.

We are going to Florida in a couple of weeks. Mom leaving tomorrow to live there with Grams.. Exciting time.. sad for IN people.. but she’ll be back every other month.


Dahlia is soooo stubborn. She HATES to let anyone else feed her now.. Only herself.

Monti singing a lot. Singing the Goodship lollipop stuff. Dahlia getting in more hair.. 4 teeth. Cried for 45 mins last night before we finally caved. Lost her voice today. Today she cried for 30 and fell asleep. Monti’s sleep routine: put her in bed. tell her stories for 10 mins.. get up.. get her water.. she is wearing diaper but is potty trained for #1. After 20 mins she has gone #2 in diaper.. Change her.. Put on fresh diaper. Put back in bed. Hpe she doesn’t get out. If she does , put out nightlight. If again, close door. Closing door is huge affront to her.

Another weird monti-ism. She HATEs when you book up or down the stairs without her or before her. She has this fear of being left behind quite a bit. Mostly about the stairs.. Sometims about leaving the house but usu about stairs. Sometims will throw fits if u don’t bring her down stairs. Lots of fits these days. Lot of “corrective behavior” needing to occur. They are my darlings however. Love them both to pieces.


Dahlia looks like she will be a TomBoy to me.. Monti getting taller… Monti is three, Dahlia will be 1 this weekend. We are hot here in Seattle. Just bought an umbrella too large for back yard. returning it and asking dad to fly out to help build a deck.

Dahlia always so happy. that is the word i would describe her best with.. always happy. even when she’s throwing a fit you can tell she’ll smile right away..

Monti loves doughnuts.. cookies.. sweets of all sorts…. afraid of a lot of foods…… she eats pizza, grilled cheese, eggs, she finally tried a sausage (fake) sandwich and liked it……. rotini noodles but afraid of spaghetti….. olive garden she gets spinach dip……. and eats our ravioli. dahlia eats almost anything. loves all food…..

July ’04

Overheard today: Elsa helping Monti do thank you notes for 3rd bday.. Elsa ” what do you want to say in your thank you notes?” M: “thank you”

simple enough.

Dahlia learned to point.. She points at things…… funny as hell. I guess you gotta be here to see it 🙂

“Daddy- the CVD is out” Monti (talking about a cd)

June of ’04

Nickname: Dahlia – DeeSter
Mickey Dougal

Monti : Monts

Monti is calling us all the Haddons. I am Steve, Elsa = Mary, Monti is of course Eliza and D = Ben. Josh I guess is The Lumps.

May ’04

Nickname: Dahlia – Smiley McDougal
Tuncie McDoochmo
Deester Sittin on her keister

Monti : montague

Words: Monti – Airport = O pert

Monti & Dahlia stuff

Monti calls trucks – frucks
She has an amazing vocabulary. She is pretty mischeivous. Dahlia is so sweet. Will fall asleep actually in the crib… Something Monti never did. We are somewhat settlling into this new house… Buying furniture to fill it. Need to get blinds badly. Elsa at the doctor. I’m about to get on a conference call. Monti is playing with Mr. Potatohead. Dahlia with Elsa. Bought a couch last week with KC when she was here. It will be delivered tomorrow. I head to portland tomorrow for some calls on Wednesday. my first driving trip for the job.

Waiting for the new van to come next month.

Also, Monti has this word that she uses sometimes – – “superbuys”.. We don’t know if it means supervise or what. She uses it like

Then we superbuys it..

We have no idea what she’s talking about.

She is nuts about Madeliene next door. She has only played with her about 20 mins total so far. Our fence is crooked. We hear that the builders won’t cover it in the warranty . . I gotta figure out if that is true. We are waiting for the rest of our security deposit from long beach. They only paid part of it.