another long time, no post post

Lessee… Waiting on to sign the EPA. Or not sign… Something will happen this week I think… Dahlia and Monti in gymnastics. Monti in singing lessons. Monti’s teacher thinks she’d be great on Broadway.. Going to introduce her to a guy from NY when he comes out who does something like that.

Finished listening to a years worth of Johnny B.

Should probably start listening to another audio book.

Programming : Working on FlexTD

Reading: Nothing at the moment unless you consider web pages…….

Screwing around with trying to kill spam on my flexgames forums

have some more bugs to kill on the flexgames app. Maggie living with us now. About to start her job at Parallels. Out on dates all the time it seems. About to go back home for my class reunion and Ryan Carter’s wedding.

Long Time No Post

Monti is completely into tornados (or not into them as the case may be). She is very afraid of them but draws them. We asked her if she’d want to move back to the Midwest to be by her cousins. Her response : “No, there are no tornados here so let’s just stay here”.

Dahlia is loving preschool here in Issaquah now. She dressed all in green for St. Pats day. So damn cute.

Mom and dad are in Italy I think… I’m thinking of maybe going to get my MBA over 18 mos. Maggie may move in with us in June……

Dahlia Breastfeeding

dahlia is fascinated w/bodies right now.. she’s fixated on my scar for example for my appendix thing…

also on boobs… she is fixated on breast feeding……

so she was taking this nutcracker doll guy we have… and trying to breastfeed him

she was making his mouth close on her nipple with the little handle on his back.. Elsa was laughing so hard when she saw her doing that…. she told me and i was laughing…..


Back up to my original weight.. maybe a little more.. working out almost every day… which really means i jog or go to gym… jog is more of a 1 mile run and 1 mile walk.. i found that when i was on the roids pretty heavy my lungs did not have nearly the asthma issues that i have now… Right now 1 mile into it i can’t get enough air. I am going to investigate doing more albuterol before i jog.. could really open things up… workouts in gym have been good but not seeing a lot more muscle gain anymore… maybe I’ve hit a plateau.

Otherwise things are pretty good.
Monti and D had their first days of school respectively. I cried at Monti’s.. Not sure where that came from.. Must be the roids wearing off… The Joe from July would have beat up the Joe from September for that move. 😉

Monti seems to take to school well. Dahlia said it’s “not fun” when I asked her about it. But I think it’s growing on her. We got rear ended over the weekend. That wakes you up in a hurry. Elsa getting the car checked out right now. Waiting on some orders to come in to ‘make my year’ here at Apple. I declined going further in a job interview with Google at this point for a CSE position. The pay was not high enough… but the job looked very interesting.. Maybe I’ll go back to it in the future… Eating almost anything I ate before now… Though not nearly as ravenous as I used to be… I should go do a midday workout… adios…….

Just a small update

Less amped than ever. Down to 20MG Preds these days… tho i am still eating like a horse.. back up to original weight.. working out a lot still (4x this wk)… tho i fear i may bulk up in the stomach than in muscles… oh well.. labor day weekend coming up… hot winds blowing.. after a relatively cool week.. we will go to racetrack tomorrow or something… kids day at racetrack.. also bumbershoot is going on in town… trying to plan out xmas.. fares are spensive esp since we are thinking of doing FL and IL … monti getting ready to go to kindergarten… she has a backpack with a phone slot in it.. now she thinks she needs a cell phone. dahlia getting bigger and talking better. still won’t go #2 on the toilet..but we are working on enticements.


feel good.. much less amped.. slept last 2 nights without ambien (sleeping pill). Weight fluctuates between 160 and 152.. daily… i am always hungry still.. worked out 3x last week.. situps/pushups every morning… still getting up early.. but slept in till 7 yest and 6 today…

Nickname for Dahlia – Dee Dee McGrawster McBeasley