Out with KC/LPK

Had a good day again yesterday. Out with LPK/KC. Went to (what we thought) was a rock climbing area, it turned out to be a water rock slide thing. Freezing water but very refreshing. The hike to it was 1 mile, mostly uphill. Monti made it the whole way, D made it about 3/4 way walking. The water was  a big reward for that hike. We all got wet. The walk back was much quicker and cooler, but both girls got carried for that. Dahlia fell asleep riding on our shoulders back. Pix to follow.

Healthwise, I’m feeling much less amped, and unfortunately slightly less ‘happy’ than before. I am sleeping better. Went to bed about 9 last night got up at 4 (now). KC/LPK leave for airport this am. 5:30 wake up call for them. Strange to be up so early before everyone still.

Bought the new couch. I think it is great. Did a lot of furniture shopping on Sat to try to find things for this house and the new one. Then we saw Xmen 3. I liked it – needed some brainless action like that, though some kids kept kicking my seat behind me. I think I will use the new home theatre in the new house a lot more than I’d originally thought after that experience Saturday. We ate out 3 times, bought a set of Nike shoes that take that Apple iPod thing. But we are giving the thing to LuLu for her birthday. I will buy another one. Everyone sells them now.

I’m still eating like a horse, but not eating so healthily now so I’m packing on the pounds where they don’t go again. I am now going ‘back on my healthy’ diet. Not so much more cheese this or bread that.

Well that’s enough.

good restaurants

according to Heather:
El Camino in Fremont – Mexican
Pink Door – Italian
Flying Fish – Belltown – Seafood & Steak
Purple Wine Bar & Cafe – Kirkland & Seattle
– steak, chicken, fish, american regional

feeling good

yep title says it all. i’m less amped in the am.. but still working out.. have a lot of energy around 10am-1pm… things are definitely better in the bathroom department… slept from 9:45 to 3:45 last night. had a very nice birthday with everyone, though I worked my tail off throughout the day for Apple. Was a very busy day and good busy. I think I’m still around 151 but feel like I’m getting a paunch back. I have to watch what I eat now.. no more free rides just to pack on weight. I would like to do it smart. Maggie got me a hilarious tee shirt that says HUMA_ with a horse playing basketball. JC also got me a tee that is a flowchart for helping people out with computer problems. It’s pretty funny. He got it in Thailand and has been holding it for my birthday. I emailed him this AM. Going mountainbiking with Elsa when she wakes, then on to customers.
Here is a pic of Dahlia that LPK took yesterday.. We’ll see how this shows up on this blog. The Deester

Great quote from Futurama

“OK, Fry, grab a Kleenex for this one, ’cause there’s no God and your idiotic human ideals are laughable!” is one of the things Bender says to get Fry to cry out the water emperor that he drank accidentally. Fry’s response is priceless: “Phew! That’s a load off my mind.”

feelin good

Saw 2nd doc today – Dr. Lee. He basically concurred with everything Dr. Brandabur said, except he said he’d probably be more agressive – but just slightly more than Dr. B. He essentially said he’d taper me off the Pred quicker than Dr. B, but otherwise do everything the same. Going to stick with Dr. B. I’m bouncing between 151 and 154 in weight. Got up at 3 am, did situps, then played tennis for 1.5 hrs with LPK at 5:30 am. All is good except for cramps… hands tingling and shaking. down to 40mg of Predz a day.


went to bed at 11, got up at 3:45… did 60 crunches and 40 pushups… feel very good.. did a 3 mi walk with elsa.. saw 3 elk… i weigh 151. still buzzing but not as hard which i guess is good… feeling a little more ‘normal’ now….

Lesa/Gabe leave today and LPK/KC come. Should be a fun time.


went to bed at 11, got up at 4:30… dahlia peed the bed last night unfortunately.. on the down comforter so we have to get that dry cleaned. On the health front, knee still has a bump in it but walkable. doc says not to worry. i got up and went and worked out for 45 mins hard. felt good. in the middle of a rep my right muscle just stopped working and i basically dropped the weight. that’s roids for you – you have no idea how far you can push it probably. i go for my 3 hr infusion today at 10am. i hope i can just sleep through it. poor d has a small cold in her throat. her voice is so damn cute. i wish i could just stick it here. in fact i think i can. i need to find an ipod and do it. one sec

nope couldn’t find it. damn. i will find it and stick some audio of her up. she has the sweetest voice.


actually went to bed around 10:30 (bad) but got up at about 3:30, went to another bed, then then back to bed till about 6am. weird dreams but hey… that was some sleep… things are getting a little normal-er. not as amped this AM… which makes me happy and sad.

knee aches a little but not too badly.. seems when i move on it it makes it better. called the doc and left a msg on it yest since lesa read that it could cause some blockage of oxygen to knee and some type of surgery… so want to make sure that doesn’t happen.

knees, health

well, i feel pretty good so far.. still hazy in my mind and doing a million things (cleaned floor, garage, mulched, worked out, programmed like demon, etc)… I don’t know . i feel crazy but yet healing.. Tho the BMs are not all that stable.. I wish they would improve more. I don’t know if I wish that or getting off meds quicker sooner. I go in for infusion #3 this Weds at Va. Mason… Went to bed at 8:30, got up at 12:30 to pee, then up at 3 now permanently. Not a bad night. Waiting for 5 to come so i can go work out, then come back at 6 and walk with elsa if she’s up. I should go eat something. Eating like a pig… but trying to avoid sodium since they say that’s why my knees ache (something with preds).