Incarcerated Hernia

Well I had an incarcerated hernia…. Came out of nowhere when the Boyers were in town a week or two ago. I think it happened when I did a pretty grueling workout. Anyway had emergency hernia repair and pretty much back to normal. I’ll see if I can post a pic or two on here of the gory details.


The Nest

This is an actual conference room at one of my customers made out of
tree branches. Very cool.


Conversation between M&D today:

Dahlia had just received this pencil holder that we gave her – it has dolphins in it – it’s pretty cool. It holds two pencils.

Monti:”Dahlia, can I borrow your pencil holder tomorrow at school?”
Dahlia:” Nooooooo!!!!!!! Noooooooo!”
Monti:”But I have so many pencils at school that need holding and you don’t have any!”

Vaycay in 3 days

Elsa and I are going to the Bahamas again in 3 days. Mom and dad are flying in to watch the girls. We’re trying to get a will prepared before we go.